Father Charles blesses Lady Irish Varsity Softball Team championship rings

On Thursday, January 10, the 2017-18 Lady Irish Varsity Softball Team celebrated its most recent MHSAA State Championship by gathering for mass with the student body, parents, and alumni. During this mass, celebrated by Father Nutter, the team’s state rings were blessed and presented to each player by their coaches and Dr. Buckley. The mass was a time for the St. Patrick Softball Team to be recognized for all the dedication and success they had last year.

Anna Grace Castanedo said, “Eight months after winning the state championship, we were reminded of the joy and victory we felt in May at our ring mass. It was so special to share our success with the school and feel the recognition for how hard we worked last season. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other group of people. I love my team so much.”

Congratulations to the St. Patrick softball team on a successful 2017-18 season!

Photos from the mass can be viewed here.

Story by Jamie Stanovich