Father Charles Nutter celebrates 2018 Girls Track & Field Championship Ring Mass on October 18

Song filled the air as St. Patrick students gathered in the cafeteria to celebrate mass. Father Nutter reached the altar in the rich red robes of the day and greeted the students as he prepared to begin mass. The music ministry moved the students as they let the power of song imbue them with the Holy Spirit.

Mass is truly a special institution, and the practice of mass at St. Patrick is always special to both the students and teachers, who feel privileged to participate in such an event.  The homily delivered by Father Nutter covered several topics pertaining specifically to students and to the gospel. He emphasized the fact that the world is becoming increasingly secular, and that the priesthood is dying out. The need for priests to carry on the tradition of saving our souls has never been greater. He said that the foundation we receive at St. Patrick is unique, and that we should approach the Lord with strong devotion, and meaningful worship.

As the gospel stated, “the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few,” Father Nutter urged us to go to the Lord with all our questions, whether it be vocational or something as simple as what to eat, God is always listening, and He will always hear.

As mass drew to a close, Father Nutter blessed the rings that would be handed out to the 2018 Girls Track and Field Team. Father Nutter left the altar to the praising hymns of the music ministry team, and Coach Burger took the stage.

He gave a speech before the handing out of the rings, praising the “18 young ladies who exemplified we before me.” He then ceded the podium to Coach Dellenger who gave his own small speech, before taking his place beside the rings, which were then handed out, to great applause, to the members of the 2018 Girls Track and Field Team.

Junior Meredith Collins said, “It is always enjoyable to see people who have worked so hard get rewarded as they deserve.”

Mass is always an invigorating experience, to be face to face with our Savior. This mass was no exception, and Father Nutter is welcome any time to join us and preside over mass.

Story by Jesse Kearns