Father Colten Symmes celebrates Mass on Thursday, September 27

What started as a rainy and gloomy morning turned out to be inspiring and filled with God’s light.

On September 27, Father Colten Symmes, alumnus of St. Patrick, was thoroughly welcomed by both student body and staff to celebrate Mass for the school.

Father started his homily by saying, “You know I love you guys, right?”

He continued to give a beautiful message about giving your best to God and not your leftovers. Father shared touching stories about people who gave their best to help others, even if it was not a seemingly big help, and how he will never forget those events. Each and every person was listening attentively to what Father was going to say next and each word was somehow more beautiful than the last. Students received fist bumps from Father as they walked back to class.

Making sure the students have a solid and fruitful spiritual relationship is the most important of St. Patrick’s many goals. Because of this, students help conduct each mass. Students are responsible for altar serving, first reading, responsorial psalm, second reading, prayers of the faithful, presenting the gifts, music, and much more. St. Patrick also has a campus ministry team that leads students in their spiritual life throughout the year.

Mass is celebrated at 9:40 in the school cafeteria every Thursday morning. Adoration may be held some Thursday mornings as well. Family and friends are more than welcome to attend.

Photos from mass can be found here.

Story by Avery King