Fighting Irish basketball competes against Tylertown

The St. Patrick boys and girls basketball teams fought hard against the Tylertown Chiefs on Friday, January 22.

After a long and difficult game Friday night the Lady Irish basketball team finished only slightly behind Tylertown. During the third and fourth quarters junior Laurie Pisciotta and her teammates nearly caught up to the Tylertown girls. Number 25, junior Morgan McCrea, was one of the Lady Irish to make a basket for her team. McCrea was fouled and successfully made more than two free throws. Number 25, Laurie Pisciotta, also made a free throw. The final score for the Lady Irish varsity basketball game against Tylertown ended in a 41-69 score, with Tylertown 28 points ahead of the Lady Irish.

The St. Patrick boys also played a grueling game with a close score. Jack Magandy received a foul against him in the game and made both of his free throws. The Irish scored thirteen points in the first quarter. Tylertown boys scored 18. During the second quarter the Irish pulled through with 11 more points and Tylertown gained 9 more for a score of 27 to 24 with Tylertown leading for the first half of the game. Starting the second half, St. Patrick added 10 points to their score in the third quarter and Tylertown received 12. The Chiefs won another 12 points in the fourth quarter and St. Patrick gained six more. In their conference game Friday night the Fighting Irish ended their game against Tylertown with a close score of 40-51. Tylertown finished the game eleven points ahead of the Fighting Irish.

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Story by Cecilia Collins