Fighting Irish Football Team shuts out Snook Academy 40-0 in first home game of 2018 season

On Friday night, the Fighting Irish Football Team played an exciting game against Snook Academy. Even though it was raining, the players pushed through and finished the game with a victory over Snook Academy. The first quarter of the game was very thrilling and ended with the Irish having an impressive 20-point lead over Snook Academy. The second quarter turned out the same, with St. Patrick earning another 20 points, which put the score at 40-0. Because of dangerous weather, the game was cancelled after the second quarter, but it was still a very satisfying victory for St. Patrick. Also, this was the Fighting Irish’s first shutout in eight years, which added to the sense of victory for the players.

The Irish pounded their way down the field with Bricen Rivers (who is in the running for Sun Herald’s best football player in Week 1 — vote here) and SrDrick Taylor combing for 172 yards rushing and five touchdowns. Matthew Chouest scampered for 64 yards, Kaleb Chatman for 11, and Adam Ritter for 6 giving the Irish a healthy 253 yards rushing in just two quarters of play. The skies were not friendly at all, as Ritter completed one of three passing for 12 yards. Chris Collins recorded the team’s only reception. The Irish defense was not to be outdone by a successful outing by the offense. Irish linebacker Braxston Blackwell took an interception to the house for six in the second quarter.



  • Bricen Rivers- 87, 3 TDs
  • Matthew Chouest – 64
  • Adam Ritter- 6
  • SrDrick Taylor- 85, 2 TDs
  • Kaleb Chatman- 11
  • 253 total yards rushing


  • Chris Collins 1 reception for 12 yards.
  • Ritter threw for 12 yards on 1/3 passing

Defensive TD

  • Braxston Blackwell (INT)

Throughout the entire game, the crowd cheered enthusiastically, which was very inspiring toward the players. The bleachers were filled with the parents, friends, and families of all the players, and even more students to cheer on the boys during the game. The football team was cheered on through every interception, touchdown, and pass with songs from the band, cheering from the cheerleaders and dancers, and clapping from the crowd. The excitement grew to such a point that the fans were ready to storm the field to congratulate the boys on such an amazing game. The Irish enjoy a week off next Friday but will be back in action at Mt. Olive on August 31 at 7 p.m., where the Pirates will look for revenge after St. Patrick upset them a year ago with a score of 33-6. Let’s hope that they continue to play to the best of their abilities and finish out the game with another win!

View photos from the game here.

Story by: Emma Bruffey and Aaron Hommell