Fighting Irish Swim Team meets at Ocean Springs YMCA

On Wednesday, August 29, the Fighting Irish Swim Team participated in a meet held at the YMCA in Ocean Springs. St. Patrick swimmers were up against athletes from Ocean Springs High School and Pascagoula High School. The swimmers were pumped to attend the meet. Friends, family members, and other spectators lined every wall of the natatorium. People were standing around the edges of the pool to cheer on their athlete. Coaches were excited and congratulating swimmers on their times. A good level of sportsmanship was shown at this meet as compliments from all teams were heard being giving to athletes.

Swim Team Member Annie Torp says, “The swim team is growing stronger everyday. I am excited to see the newer swimmers get faster and stronger. Though the boys swim team is already very strong, it is amazing to see the talent they are going to have in the years to come. The girls team is growing stronger as well, we have plenty of new swimmers who are going to have a lot of potential. The swim team has never been closer, and this is going to help us get much farther than we ever have been before.”

Overall, St. Patrick did really well, placing second. Our athletes, however, are very driven and wished that they had done better. Now more than ever, members are motivated to become the best swimmers possible. The Fighting Irish Swim Team is ready to crush the rest of its swim season.

The Fighting Irish Swim Team competes again next Wednesday, September 5, at 5 p.m. at St. Stanislaus College against St. Stanislaus and Our Lady Academy.

Photos from the meet can be viewed here.

Story by Avery King