Fighting Irish Varsity Men’s Basketball Team defeats Richton Rebels

The St. Patrick stands filled rapidly with parents and fans to watch the Varsity Men’s Basketball Team face off against Richton. The women’s game had ended minutes before, and many people made their way out as an equivalent number shuffled in.

The first quarter was very much a shutout with the Irish holding Richton to two points. However, by halftime, the Rebels had gained to 8 points raising their total to 10. However, they still could not best the Irish who led the game with an astounding 31 points.

Junior James Frazier remarked, “They are doing really well, better than I expected. I just hope they can hold it and finish the game strong.”

Halftime saw the Irish retreat to their locker room to recuperate for the last half. They returned to the court rejuvenated and ready for the final 16 minutes of the game. However, the Rebels also had strengthened their resolve for victory and they fought with vigor. Despite their efforts, at the end of the third quarter, the Irish still led the game with a score of 45-32. This score gap remained similar in the last quarter of the game, with the Irish emerging victorious over the Richton Rebels with a final score of 57-43.

Story by Jesse Kearns