First Arts and Crafts Club meeting

St. Patrick’s arts and crafts club met for the first time this school year on Tuesday in Mrs. Benoit’s room. The Club discussed many new ideas for the upcoming year. Arts and Club President, Carly Loftis, welcomed everyone to the club and described what all she has been planning for this year’s events and projects.

The meeting started by having sign ups for the 2018-19 Arts and Crafts Club officers. Next, everyone discussed their hopes for what they will get out of art club this year and projects each member finds interesting and would like to try. For their very first project, each member of the  Club will be creating a beautiful and intricate paper flower. Upcoming projects for the Club include possibly painting trash cans that will be displayed along the beaches to brighten up our coastal areas and to show off St. Patrick students’ art skills. Students are also expecting to create unique clay bowls and dishware this year, which they will sell at festivals, fairs, and other events hosted by St. Patrick. This will bring the school a great amount of publicity and funds, and will foster more community involvement.

Arts and Crafts Club is open to all grades and experience levels. Meetings are expected to last roughly 30 minutes and there will be snacks and lots of fun. The Club members are really hoping to see new students attend the upcoming meetings. Meeting dates and times will be shared in the announcements and on the school calendar.

Photos of the meeting can be viewed here.

Story by Avery King