Working Funds

Donations collected through the Foundation of St. Patrick are used to provide St. Patrick Catholic High School with immediate gifts for bus transportation, tuition assistance, and teacher bonuses. In addition, a portion of those donations are placed into a perpetual fund whose investment growth will provide the school with long term support.

Planned Giving

The Foundation of St. Patrick serves as the school’s vehicle for planned giving. Planned giving allows donors to maintain their assets throughout their life and to also support St. Patrick in the future. St. Patrick views planned giving as the easiest form of giving to the school. 

Endowment Giving

Gifts that go above and beyond planned giving to the Foundation of St. Patrick demonstrate a lasting commitment to the mission of St. Patrick and Catholic education in the Diocese of Biloxi.  This endowment is a fund that is maintained in perpetuity and a portion of the annual return on investment is used for the greatest needs at St. Patrick.

A donor’s gift to the Foundation of St. Patrick is an investment in the long-term success of our school.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

Board Members

Vincent Pisciotta

Maureen Holland

Marshall Eleuterius

Huntley Biggs, Jr.

Elena Guida

Michele Pisciotta

Trey Acosta Faulk

Greg Patino