French classes celebrate La Chandeleur

La Chandeleur, celebrated each year on February 2, is a Holy Day in the Catholic Church. On this day,  baby Jesus was presented in the temple 40 days after his birth, as was custom. The day also celebrates the purification of his mother, Mary. When Joseph and Mary arrived at the temple, Saint Simeon welcomed them and proclaimed that the baby was a “light of the world”. The name, Chandeleur, comes from the Latin candelorum festum, or festival of candles.

Since the 7th century, the day has been celebrated by a procession of the faithful holding lit tapers. The candles are blessed and lit at the church and the participants carry the candle home without the flame dying. This assures a god harvest and prosperity for the rest of the year.

Ms. Alexander’s classes celebrated La Chandeleur by translating riddles and phrases about the celebration, by watching videos about the event and by eating pancakes in place of traditional crepes!