French students create their own standards of beauty

Students in Mr. Mironovich’s French III class made projects this week to reflect their ideas of beauty. After learning about ways to describe beauty in French the students created their own campaigns to “promote a healthy identity formation and self-conceptions of beauty.” Students made signs, posters, videos, and even social media hashtags to campaign for a healthy self-image. This project gave French III students the ability to use what they had learned in class to confront problems in the world around them.

Some took to the school to find what beauty means to other people in our own environment. They asked each of the participants to write what they thought beauty was and take a picture with their sign. Others talked about the impact of “beauty standards” in the lives of kids and young adults and how images can be distorted. Students made versions of their projects in both French and English to appeal to speakers of both languages.

“In today’s world, mixed messages often skew individuals’ perceptions of themselves, of others, and of their surroundings,” stated Mr. Mironovich… “Beauty is often muddled, meaning it is lost, and one’s identity becomes confused. Each and every individual, especially young people today, need to be able to successfully navigate out culture’s messages, finding the best pathway that will allow them to become the best version of themselves – a true man or woman for God.”

Story by: Cecilia Collins