Freshman attend Biloxi junior leadership classes

Every year the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce has hosted a Junior Youth Leadership Class for aspiring future community leaders.  This year eight students in the ninth grade were selected to represent St. Patrick Catholic High School.  The students that attended were: Emily Broussard, Chloe Cooper, Abigail Yates, Stephen Azar, Amelie Million, Christina Parry, Christopher Alley, and Hayden Miller.

The Chamber hosts two sessions a week during the month of January at the Biloxi Visitors Center.  The sessions teach students how to be involved in the city and how to make our society better.  When asked about the sessions, Stephen Azar stated, “The sessions were great and the overall experience was fantastic.  I learned a lot, ranging from Irish culture to how the Shuckers’ stadium is run.”

Emily Broussard thought the class was a unique experience and stated, “We got to learn about different colleges and cultures.  We also visited a military base, which was pretty fascinating, and we went to City Hall and visited the Mayor to learn about his job.  We also got to have an etiquette and manners class, along with a speaker that talked about how to apply for a job and how we should act in interviews.  I got a lot from the class and I’m glad I attended.”

The class also hosts an important session on different cultures of the coast, Amelie Million stated that her favorite part was getting to attend that session about different cultures and try the different foods.

Story by Hannah Janus