Freshman Retreat

On Friday, November 3rd, the freshmen had their class retreat.  The retreat was put on by the Campus Ministry Team and focused on the spiritual awakening of the freshmen.  It took place at Nativity’s retreat center in downtown Biloxi.

The retreat focused around the theme of awakening.  The team focused on trying to awaken the freshmen’s faith lives.

The freshmen were given a chance to examine themselves, they could take a step back and see what might be holding them back from having a full relationship with God.  Thy learned how to do this through watching a skit and different activities to get them thinking.  They also had the chance to learn how to root out distractions in their life that could be holding them back from having a full relationship with God.  The freshmen were also given a chance to hear about forgiveness through an activity that helped them try and forgive different people in their life.  They also learned about penance and how God forgives us and how we can forgive ourselves through penance.  They learned how to tie all of this together through prayer and they learned about the different ways to pray.  They learned about how to surrender to God, through an activity and reflection.

The freshmen also went to adoration, where they were given the opportunity to go to confession.

Freshman, Vincent Pisciotta, talks about his experience at the retreat.  “It was really moving, it was nice to see how much our class really cares about each other.”

Story by Cara Pisciotta