Gautier, Hudson, Martin serve as Search team members for Catholic Diocese of Biloxi

Search is a weekend-long retreat for high school juniors and seniors put on by the office of youth ministry and Search team. Search invites students to take a break from the busy world for a weekend to seek out who they are, who they want to be, and what their faith means to them. The Search team is made up of fourteen high school seniors who are selected from applicants from all throughout the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi.  St. Patrick is proud to have three students serving on this year’s Search team: Claire Gautier, Grace Hudson, and Shelby Martin.

The Search team meets every Thursday night beginning in October to plan the retreat weekends. Claire Gautier, a St. Patrick member of the Search team says, “the Search community has been such a blessing in my life from my time as an attendant to my time now on team. It is truly beautiful to be a part of this team and have the privilege to witness the way God moves in and changes the lives of everyone present.”  Gautier commented on her position on the team saying, “I love Search because I get to be a part of and witness the way God uses all of us (the team) to make his love known and help renew the faith of others. I cannot express the blessings of being a part of a community that extends beyond the retreat weekend to become another family in the life of every Search-er.”

Gautier and Martin are also active members of the St. Patrick Campus Ministry Team!

Story by Cecilia Collins