Get2College Center hosts financial aid night for parents of seniors

Wednesday night, Ms. Wilkinson and the guidance department held an informational meeting on financial aid, scholarships, and the college admission process.  Brandi Lyndall of the Get2College Center located in Ocean Springs, began the meeting by explaining the college admission process to the parents in attendance.  She explained some tips that would help out both students and parents alike. One of the parents in attendance, Melissa Cospelich, stated that “financial aid is important and it is something that not only I care about, but my son does as well.”  Ms.  Wilkinson stated that she thinks the informational meeting helped the parents, but also “those students, seniors in particular, that are going to make the big move next year.”  She also said that students must be “willing to find scholarships.”

Two important websites that many students us to find and apply for scholarships are​ and ​​.  RiseUpMS is a highly effective website that is very interactive and provides general information on financial aid and scholarships.  FastWeb is a website that uses certain personal information and matches students with prospective universities that cater to their plans for higher education.  Both sites have been highly effective in helping students narrow down their final decisions on which college they want to attend.  For more information regarding financial aid or any other questions you might have, you may contact Ms. Wilkinson.

Story by: Andrew Lechner; Photo credit: Cecilia Collins