Hip Hop, Unicycles and Trigonometry

What do Miley Cyrus and Pythagoras have in common? Well, probably not very much unless you’re in Mrs. Tavel’s Trigonometry Class.

Recently, the students took an obtuse angle, rode a different wavelength, and went off on a tangent while learning upper level math.

“We had to create an instructional based song and dance performance for the class,” said Ramsey Wagner of the Junior Class. “We decided to use the theme song from the old Hannah Montana show, only we substituted Trig functions for our lyrics.”

The project themes and props ranged from Hip- Hop to unicycles but all shared a common function.

“The projects were very entertaining, and I think a fun time was had by all,” said Mrs. Tavel. “I’m very proud of the work and courage that my students put into this assignment.”

“It’s great to be able to go to a school where you can learn something and have fun doing it at the same time. I actually used something I learned from the project on today’s test,” said Shelby Martin.