Historic victory for St. Patrick Catholic High School Football Team

Some St. Patrick fans suggest divine intervention, and for others, the hard work of the team. Nevertheless, the reality is that St. Patrick has scored two victories in a row, defeating Mount Olive on Friday night.

Eighth grader Ian Gerretse said, “The team is doing amazing, way better than last year, but we have room to improve.”

The Irish started out strong with a touchdown by #35 Presley Harrison in the first 15 seconds of the game. They maintained this strength in the successive quarters. The next five minutes presented a difficult back and forth struggle, broken only by #11 Bricen Rivers with a gain of roughly 50 yards. The second quarter proved just as interesting with Bricen Rivers scoring a touchdown. The halftime show by the Irish Emeralds and Mount Olive band was entertaining and full of talent and enthusiasm. The third quarter put Mount Olive on the board with a single touchdown, but a missed field goal attempt. The final quarter of the game put #35 Presley Harrison back in the end zone, scoring the third and final Irish touchdown of the game.

Quarterback Adam Ritter threw 14 passes with 7 completions for a total of 193 yards, an impressive statistic for having two broken fingers. Total rushing yards came up to 104. Presley Harrison led the receivers with 3 receptions for a total of 104 yards. Bricen Rivers rushed for 67 yards in 23 carries. With a final score of 19-6, the Irish won their second game and now stand as one of three coast schools with an undefeated record. The Irish have outscored their opponents 59-6. Hopefully they will maintain their momentum and this season will not only turn out much better than the last, but also that the team will grow into an even tighter knit group of young men, who carry themselves into battle with their heads held high.

Photos from the game can be viewed here.

Story by Jesse Kearns

Statistics contributed by Aaron Hommell