Homecoming Picnic Luncheon & Pep Rally

The annual St. Patrick Homecoming Week Picnic Luncheon and Pep Rally took place Friday afternoon. Students were treated to a special bell schedule, with 37-minute classes and a 1:00 dismissal to the picnic. Parents brought tents with food and drink for students of all classes to enjoy.

The picnic is a staple of Homecoming Week each year. It gives students grades 7-12 the opportunity to socialize with friends and family and prepare for the big Homecoming Football Game. The weather was beautiful for families to enjoy spending time with one another.

Students weren’t the only ones who benefited from the luncheon, though. “I love seeing all of the St. Patrick families coming together,” said teacher Mrs. Amber Buckley. The teachers were welcomed with open arms to tents of all grades to enjoy the wonderful food provided by parents. “[The picnic] celebrates our wonderful school and students,” said Buckley.

“I thought the picnic was really fun this year,” said junior Jamie Stanovich. “It is always awesome to hang out with family and friends, especially during such an exciting time like Homecoming Week.” Following the picnic, the annual extended Homecoming Pep Rally was held.

“The amount of school spirit that the students had during the pep rally had to have been at an all-time high,” said Stanovich. “It was really cool to see everyone get pumped-up about the Homecoming Game tonight.” The pep rally consisted of several performances from the Irish Emeralds, the Junior High and High School Cheerleaders, the Pride of St. Patrick Band, and a special performance by the senior parents. None, however, topped the lip sync battle. One to two representatives were pre-selected to participate in a competition of lip syncing. Freshmen Dale Edwardson and Sawyer Stone sang a duet of the song “Love is an Open Door” from the movie Frozen. “We sang our hearts out,” said Stone. “I had a great time singing along Dale. We gave it our all, and I think the crowd loved it!”

The 2017/18 St. Patrick Homecoming Week was a great success, with the Picnic and Pep Rally being fun-filled parts. Friday evening is the Homecoming Football Game, at which the maids of the Homecoming Court are presented during halftime. The game is followed on Saturday evening by the Homecoming Dance, from 8-11 p.m., at which the beaus of the Homecoming Court are presented at 8:30. “This has been my favorite Homecoming Week yet,” said Stone. “It really got me excited for the game, the dance, and the rest of the school year.

Story by Richard Springer