Homecoming Week 2016 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Homecoming Week 2016 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Our 2016-2017 Homecoming week festivities are beyond your most imaginable dreams! The St. Patrick Student Council had come up with the cleverest themes for this coming up Homecoming week. A lot of time and effort went into planning these days for all of the student body to enjoy. I think this 2016-2017 Homecoming week will be one to remember.

St. Patrick’s Homecoming week starts Friday, September 2. This will be our introductory day to the week’s festivities. The theme for our first day is Disney Day. The St. Patrick Student Council thought it would be a fun and interesting dress up day. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as their favorite Disney character and show their Homecoming spirit. School is closed on Monday, September 5, so the Homecoming festivities will resume on the following Tuesday.

Tuesday, St. Patrick will be hosting the annual Homecoming Luncheon, which is rest assured to be a treat. Tuesday’s dress up theme is one of our annual traditions of Homecoming week, the fabulous Touch of Class Day. On this day students are to wear nice formal clothes. The students are going to be dressed to their best and are sure to impress.

The next day on the Homecoming calendar is Wednesday, September 6. The theme belonging to the third day is a class collaboration. It is called “ We go together Wednesday.” All of the seven different grades are to collaborate with each another in order to bring about class spirit. The St. Patrick Student Council hopes this day will be beneficial towards the fastening of class relations. After the school day has been completed the junior and senior girls will face off in annual game of flag football, or better known as Powder Puff. Following the Powder Puff football game is another St. Patrick tradition, the black out prep-a-rally, which is held in the gymnasium for the entire student body.

Homecoming festivities are continued throughout the next two days. Thursday is to be a promising amusement to both the faculty and student body. The theme of the day is “ Dress like you would have in 2007.” Students are encouraged to dress as they would have in the year 2007. This will be a fun experience for the students to see how much they have changed throughout the years, and bring about years that were long forgotten.

Friday’s festivities have always been the same throughout the years of St. Patrick. Parents are invited to join their children for a Family Picnic in our courtyards. Following the picnic is our Homecoming game prep-a-rally, which is sure to be a blast for all. Our varsity football team will take the field against Puckett High School at 7:00 for the annual Homecoming game. The Homecoming court will be presented to the fans during a halftime show, and the Homecoming Queen will be selected.

St. Patrick’s Homecoming festivities are concluded with the Homecoming dance which is held on the Saturday after the Homecoming football game. Grades 9-12 are welcomed to attend the dance held in the D’Iberville Civic Center from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. The Homecoming court will be presented during the dance at 8:30 p.m.
Story by Makayla Pfarrer