Homecoming 2020

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Dear St. Patrick Students and Parents: 

We are excited to begin our celebration of Homecoming 2020 next week!  Our team has worked hard to plan fun, memorable events for the week – amidst this challenging time, it is very important to us to uphold and celebrate our tradition of excellence at St. Patrick; we want to ensure that our students, faculty, and staff have a fun, memorable Homecoming Week. 

Later today, I will be sending you three emails concerning specific details about the following events: Homecoming Family Movie Night; Elegant Homecoming Dinner; and the Homecoming Picnic, Homecoming Pep Rally, and Homecoming Game.  For details about other events and dress days, please see my email from September 28.

In previous years, I have received calls and emails regarding unsanctioned pranks and vandalism during Homecoming Week.  Our St. Patrick students are better than that – as Fighting Irish, you are among the best in the world.  I deeply urge you to develop traditions and discover ways that will make a positive difference in the lives of others and make a positive impact on our community.  You can be different – you can be better – you can set a new precedent!

Additionally, we ask that parents partner with us in discouraging their children from these illegal (and sometimes dangerous) activities.  We encourage parents to communicate with their child about their expectations and values for non-school-sponsored activities.  As a school family, may we all pledge to promote a safe and enjoyable Homecoming experience by establishing consistent, lawful expectations for all of our students.

Moreover, social distancing and face coverings will be required for all school-sponsored events and activities.  We strongly encourage all students to wear face coverings and practice social distancing at all non-school-sponsored activities as well.  We have done very well with following our Covid-19 protocols so far this semester, and as a result, have not had any type of outbreaks.  The last thing I want is to have to cancel any of the events we have scheduled next week due to a Covid-19 outbreak.  It takes all of us working together to ensure everyone remains safe and has a successful, fun Homecoming Week.  Thank you for your support, cooperation, and assistance.  

May we use Homecoming 2020 as an opportunity to recognize the many accomplishments of our school, students, teachers, and school family.  You are part of an exceptional legacy – an exceptional legacy of Catholic education – and you are part of the history of our great school!  It’s your time to leave your mark! 

Go Irish!

Dr. Matt Buckley