How to prepare for midterm exams

As time grows closer and closer to Christmas students can almost see the relaxation that comes with the Christmas vacation.  Before the students are able to sleep until noon or stay up watching movies until three in the morning they must first take the midterm exams on December 16-18.  That means that students should be studying for exams.  Here are a few tips to help students prepare for the exams.

The most important thing a student can do to ensure he or she is prepared for the exam is by studying early.  This is said so often that it almost feel cliché, but it is said so often because it is true.  A student should not wait to study until the night before the exam.  Cramming causes the student’s stress level to rise. Instead of studying eighteen weeks’ worth of information in one night, a student should study only a portion of the material at a time over a few nights.  This will help the student retain the information.

It is important for students to take breaks between studying periods in order to take their minds off of the exam.  Midterm exams bring another level of stress that put the sleepless nights of putting together projects to shame.  Seeing as the stress levels of students rise during this time it is beneficial to the student to relax.  A student could listen to a song that gets his or her mind off of the exams, or a student could set a timer and take a twenty minute nap.  Students must still be responsible with their time while studying or else they could easily fall down the procrastination rabbit hole.

When faced with what seems to be endless studying it is hard to stay upbeat and enthusiastic.  To help stay upbeat it is good for the student to reward himself or herself with something fun during his or her break.  The student could watch television or a YouTube video.  When the student rewards himself or herself the student feels productive.

People study in many different ways.  Some people do better studying in groups while others prefer to study alone.  No matter how a student studies it is important that the student studies the best way for him or her.  If a student is still worried about doing well on an exam they should pray for the intercession of Saint Joseph of Cupertino the patron saint of test taking or for the intercession of Saint Jude the patron saint of lost causes.

Story by Desiree Goodfellow