Human Anatomy classes complete sheep heart dissections to learn more about human cardiovascular system

On Tuesday, March 12, Mrs. Lawson’s Human Anatomy class completed their dissection of a sheep heart in hopes of learning more about the cardiovascular system.

Once the heart was dissected, students were asked to identify the following: the four chambers of the heart, the four valves, the heartstrings, the aorta, the pulmonary arteries/veins, the right and left sides of the heart, the septum and the apex.

Mrs. Lawson said, “The students always enjoy dissecting the sheep heart. We always do the dissection after we finish the cardiovascular system so that the students have a solid working knowledge of the heart and all its structures by the time they dissect. That way, the dissection means more and they connect it with what they have learned. Besides that, the sheep heart is pretty much the same as a human heart, so it is like seeing the inside of their own heart.”

Photos can be viewed here.

Story by Sarah Gatlin