Human Anatomy & Physiology students complete body plan lab

On August 17, Mrs. Lawson’s Human Anatomy and Physiology class had an exercise lab. Some select students completed a series of different exercises for a short amount of time. They ran around the room, did jumping jacks, and various other activities. The point of this lab was to check their heart rates.

Students checked their normal and resting heart rate, and then checked it after exercising to see the difference. The students got into groups and divided the work. One student exercised while the others took notes and worked on a packet. About four students participated in this lab, while the other students in the groups watched and worked on their lab packets. Mrs. Lawson was extremely interactive and helpful and even participated in the lab by running around and exercising too.

It was really cool to learn how the heart works. – SPCHS Student Samantha Alvarez

My favorite part was when Mrs. Lawson was chasing me around the room – SPCHS Student Savannah Smith

Photos from the lab can be viewed here.

Story by Gracie Davenport