Human anatomy students dissect for cardiovascular unit

Last Friday, Ms. Lawson’s anatomy students dissected sheep hearts as part of a lab to study more in depth in the cardiovascular unit.  Ms. Lawson said, “Sheep hearts are used because they are the closest in structure to the human heart and are about the same size as the human heart so as we can learn more about the heart and its functions.”  The students dissected the sheep hearts to look for specific parts of the heart.  They were to look for the four chambers of the heart, including the atria and the ventricle.

They also examined the septum, which divides the heart into two very distinct parts.  They also examined the path that the blood takes through the heart.  This corresponded with the lesson that the students have been learning in their cardiovascular unit.  This lab was designed to give the students a visual aid to learn the parts of the heart.

They also were to look for the heart strings, which anchor the valves to the heart.  The aorta was also on the list of stuff to find, is the biggest artery in the heart.  This is one of many labs that the anatomy class partook in this year.  The students have enjoyed all of the labs that they have participated in and look forward to many more this year.

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Story by Andrew Lechner