ICT classes explore career choices with personality tests

Mrs. Carolyn Anderson was a guest speaker in Ms. Gryder’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) class this past Monday to talk with seventh graders about personality tests. ICT I is a class wherein students explore work skills, careers, and hands-on technology software.

Mrs. Anderson is the executive director of the Mississippi Counseling Association. She is the director of the Gulf Coast Substance Abuse Task Force. She is also the counselor for St. Vincent De Paul Elementary School in Long Beach twice a week.

Mrs. Anderson gave students a test consisting of twenty questions asking what precautions they would take in various situations. They ranked the scenarios on a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being most like them and 1 being least like them). Upon totaling their scores, students were provided a personality cards.

Each personality was associated with a color. Students were given a color card that corresponded to their personality. Mrs. Anderson then introduced students to future career choices that may best suit the color they were given and therefore their personality type. Seventh grade student Gabriela Quintana commented on the guest speaker, saying “I personally enjoyed it.”

Mrs. Anderson will return to Mrs. Gryder’s class after Thanksgiving to continue her presentation on how these colors correlate with the corresponding careers.

The ICT curriculum framework is built upon 21st Century Skills standards and the National Educational Technology Standards for Students.  Other topics that will be discussed this year are interpersonal and self-directional skills; basic technology operation and technology concepts; social, ethical, and human issues in technology; technology communication tools; technology resource tools; multimedia presentation applications; and word processing and spreadsheet applications.

Story by Cecilia Collins