Inaugural Irish Fund Day of Giving Proves Successful

St. Patrick Catholic High School is proud to announce the success of their Inaugural Irish Fund Day of Giving. The three-day event raised more than $15,000 for the immediate needs of the school. This allows St. Patrick to keep the cost of tuition low as we educate scholars, train disciples, and support champions.

“The inaugural day of giving was a giant success,” Director of Advancement Patrick Miller said. “Our families and alumni went above and beyond to impact every student at St. Patrick.”

More than just a day of giving, St Patrick held a Day of Prayer and a Day of Gratitude as part of the event. The idea for the fundraiser was approached as days that celebrate the school and remind all of our mission and core values.

“We care deeply about the meaningful involvement of our community. These days of prayer, giving, and gratitude are meant to remind us of our Catholic mission, core values, and vision for the future. I look forward to the growth of this annual tradition,” Miller continued.

During the Day of Prayer, students prayed the Rosary during their religion classes for intentions that were submitted online. These intentions ranged from praying for the sick to praying for religious vocations.

During the Irish Fund Day of Giving, St. Patrick held a phone-a-thon by utilizing the Emerald Ambassadors along with St. John and Mercy Cross Alumni to make calls to donors. For the Alumni, it was a way that allowed them to help the school advance the mission and promote Catholic education. 789 phone calls were made and 102 people donated to the Irish Fund.

“During my calls, I most enjoyed speaking to alumni from each legacy school and hearing how they continue to support and believe in Catholic education,” Else’ Marie MC ‘95 said.

Fundraising efforts were bolstered by a matching $5,000 gift from Dr. Paul Mullen and Dr. Antoine Rizk at Coast Cardiovascular Associates. Students called parents, alumni, and friends and unlocked the matching gift near the end of the school day. This gift ensured that the Irish Fund Day of Giving would reach its initial $10,000 goal.

At this point, Dr. Buckley challenged the Office of Advancement and Patrick Miller to raise the daily goal to $15,000. Miller accepted the challenge while alumni and students continued the phone-a-thon into the evening and met the new challenge.

For the Day of Gratitude, Emerald Ambassadors spent the afternoon writing thank you letters to those who donated during the Irish Fund Day of Giving.

“I remain impressed by our St. Patrick families, faculty, staff, and alumni by their commitment to advancing the mission of our great school,” St. Patrick Principal Dr. Matt Buckley said. “Know of our sincere appreciation to each and every gift to the Irish Fund, and know that your support and love for our school will enable us to continue to provide an exceptional Catholic education for generations to come.”