Seventh and eighth grade students invent projects for annual Invention Fair

The seventh and eighth graders have been assigned to participate in the annual Invention Fair. The Invention Fair is a great way for students to use their imagination and creative skills to construct something that society does not already have. They had to actually create a replica of the invention. The students presented their projects on a tri-fold board and displayed the invention next to the board. The students were to place the procedure, a hypothesis, and the results on the board. They presented their projects and inventions to the selected judges. It is very interesting and intriguing to see all of the imaginative minds of our St. Patrick students.

Eighth grader, Adam Ritter, created a “Cooling Fork.” Ritter’s idea was to create something that would cool his food off while he was eating. He tested his “cooling fork” three times and his hypothesis was correct. The invention did indeed work! There were lots of other inventions too. Camille Pitre designed the “Multi-person Ambulance.” The purpose of the invention was to have lots of people able to fit in one ambulance. It has a base design of a three-horse slant load trailer. This design gives the ambulance more room to fit more people and supplies as well. She also added more doors to make the process of entering and leaving more efficient. Some other inventions displayed are “Sassy Straps, “Holy Hoodie,” “No More Seeds,” and “Magna Sponge.”

After each of the students presented the projects, the judges scored them. The seventh and eighth graders did an awesome job. Good job to the participants and thank you to all of the judges!

Story by Julia Bruffey