Irish cheerleaders attend weekend cheer clinic to prepare for tryouts

Saturday morning, the Lady Irish Cheerleaders attended cheer clinic in the St. Patrick gym to begin practice for the upcoming tryouts for the 2018/2019 school year.  Girls, grades sixth through tenth, came out to learn the annual cheer they must perform and to begin dance choreography and also work on tumbling.  The junior girls that have been on the cheer team since ninth grade are “walk-ons” and do not have to tryout for the team their senior year.  The lower classmen, however, do.  Both Varsity and Junior High learn the same cheer and dance for tryouts.  The Varsity dance is slightly more difficult.  Both groups also learn the same cheer that they will individually perform in front of a panel of judges.  They then go on to tumble and results will be posted later on that same night.  We wish all of these girls the best of luck this week and up until then!

story by Maddie Moak