Irish Raffle Raises More than $100,000

Biloxi, MS – St. Patrick students and staff members went above and beyond when it came to this year’s Irish Raffle fundraiser. The goal was to raise $100,000 to go towards extracurricular activities and keep the cost of tuition as low as possible. In order to do that, each student and faculty member was asked to sell one book of raffle tickets to meet the goal.

Last year students sold 2,058 tickets raising $41,160. This year the Fighting Irish exceeded that goal by selling 5,714 tickets, raising $114,280. Additionally, more tickets keep coming in every hour.

“When we set this year’s goal at $100,000, I thought it was going to be a tough stretch to reach,” Principal Dr. Matt Buckley said. “But I clearly underestimated how hard our students, faculty, staff, and parents would work for this.”

“The joy of giving continues to grow and develop across all areas at St. Patrick,” said Patrick Miller, Director of Advancement. “We are nearing a 180% increase in money raised for the Luck of the Irish Raffle this school year.”

While students and faculty members were called upon to sell at least one book of tickets, there were some who sold more tickets than asked. Ms. Jenna Farragut is the teacher who sold the most tickets. She sold 120 tickets raising $2,400. Freshman Lynsey Nguyen takes the prize for the most tickets sold by a student. She sold 70 tickets raising $1,400. Farragut and Nguyen will receive a special lunch or dinner at the restaurant of their choice, provided by Dr. Buckley. 

“I remain impressed by our St. Patrick students, faculty, staff, and parents and their engagement and participation in this year’s Luck of the Irish Raffle,” Dr. Buckley continued. “Thank you everyone who purchased and sold tickets. Your love and support for our great school is deeply appreciated.”

The Irish Raffle has been a tradition at St. Patrick for nearly a decade.  This year’s raffle has produced record funds for the school.