Junior high basketball teams compete against OLA and St. Stanislaus

On Thursday, December 3, students, athletes, and parents all gathered at St. Patrick Catholic High School to enjoy three junior high basketball games against St. Stanislaus and OLA.  The eighth grade girls’ team smashed the Our Lady Academy Crescents with an impressive win.  The seventh and eighth grade boys’ teams both fought hard but lost despite their impressive efforts.

There was a nice sized crowd with students and parents there to support the Fighting Irish teams.  The eighth grade girls team played first instead of the seventh grade because Our Lady Academy doesn’t have a seventh grade girls team.  The Fighting Irish started out strong and immediately picked up a sizeable lead over the Crescents in the beginning of the game.  The girls were very good on defense and also accomplished some impressive baskets.  About halfway through the game, the score was already nineteen to five in favor of the Irish.  The ending score of the game was thirty-eight for the Irish and eight for Our Lady Academy.

The seventh grade boys played next against St. Stanislaus.  The boys fought hard all four quarters and made some great baskets but ended with a score of nine for the Fighting Irish and thirty-eight for St. Stanislaus.  The eighth grade boys played right after the seventh grade boys.  The Fighting Irish started out strong and the scores for both teams were about even, but later in the game St. Stanislaus pulled ahead and the game ended with a score of twenty-six for the Irish and fifty-one for St. Stanislaus.

There were some great moments of basketball exhibited by all of the junior high teams.  Make sure to go and support the Fighting Irish in their next junior high basketball games!

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Story by Skye Ward