Junior high basketball teams compete against Stone County

On Monday, November 2, there were four junior high football games played in the St. Patrick Catholic High School Gym.  The games were played against Stone County and there were two eighth grade games and two seventh grade games.  The games were fought hard, but Stone County took four victories over the Irish.

There were many fans there including parents, students, and other basketball players to support the girls.  The stands were filled with people cheering the girls and boys on.  The energy was great which definitely helped the Irish attitude.

The first game of the night was the girls’ seventh grade basketball, which started at four in the afternoon.  The game was an exciting one with the girls fighting for point after point.  The game ended with a score of thirty-two to eight for Stone County.  The second game was the seventh grade boys, which started at five.  The game started off with a great basket shot by St. Patrick.  The game ended with a score thirteen to twenty-eight with a win for Stone County.

The eighth grade girls’ basketball game started at six and was definitely an exciting game to watch.  The girls spent the duration of the game scoring and keeping up with Stone County.  The girls Irish team started the game off well by making the first point.  Annie Torp also made a great three pointer during the second quarter of the game.  The crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout the game, but Stone County procured the win in the end with a score of twenty-four to thirty-one.  The last game of the night was the boys’ eighth grade game and they showed determination, but the game ended with a win for Stone County, the final score being fourteen to fifty-eight.

All of the boy and girl athletes played really well and can’t wait for the rest of the season.  Come out and support the junior high girls and boys basketball teams at their next home game!

Story by Skye Ward