Junior high football team competes against Lumberton

Two nights ago, an entertaining junior high football game took place at the field of St. Patrick Catholic High School.  The Irish football team fought hard against Lumberton but ended with a score of 0 to 28, favoring the Lumberton team.

There were two football games that took place that night.  The first was a game including the seventh and eighth grade football players, which started at 6:00 p.m.  After this, there were two quarters, in place of the usual four, of a strictly seventh grade game.

In the first game between Lumberton and St. Patrick, the players all fought very hard.  The Fighting Irish had some memorable moments on the field including some great moments of defense.  Lumberton would have the ball and run down the field, but wouldn’t get far because of the impressive Irish defensive strategies.  In the first quarter, the score was at a hopeful 0 for St. Patrick and 8 for Lumberton.  Throughout the second, third, and fourth quarters Lumberton scored a few touchdowns and two-point conversions bringing the score to 0 for the Irish and 28 for Lumberton.

Unfortunately, the Irish couldn’t solidify a victory, but there were students, parents, and other athletes there to support the junior high Fighting Irish.

The night continued with even more opportunities to watch our Fighting Irish battle on the football field.  After the seventh and eighth grade game, there proceeded to be a game that was comprised of just seventh graders.  This game only lasted for two quarters.  The Irish kept the Lumberton football team away from their end zone the whole game except for one time where Lumberton squeezed past.  The seventh graders also fought for their school, but the score concluded at 0 to 6 with Lumberton gaining the win.

There were well-fought games, and it was a great night for supporting our Irish athletes.  Both teams of the Fighting Irish junior high football team worked hard and will continue to do so all season, gaining wins for St. Patrick.

Story by: Skye Ward; Photo credit: Skye Ward