Junior High Science Olympiad Team meets to discuss upcoming competitions

On Friday, January 25, the Junior High Science Olympiad held its weekly meeting in Ms. Moon’s room. They discussed many things including their projects and outfits for the next competition. The next competition will be February 16, which is the regional competition to decide if they go to the state competition. There, they will present their projects they have been working on in their groups for months and demonstrate their teamwork skills by taking tests, building structures, and doing scientific tests in a certain amount of time. As they get closer to the date of the competition, their meetings will become more frequent and longer to ensure they are properly prepared for the presentations.

Emerson Morris, a member of the Junior High Science Olympiad Team, commented, “Science Olympiad is a competition where each person competes individually, but we still help each other out. It is definitely a team effort and I’m so proud to be a part of it!”

Story by Emma Bruffey