Juniors and seniors start thinking about college at the St. Patrick Financial Aid Night

On Wednesday, September 19, the juniors and seniors of St. Patrick Catholic High School attended a financial aid presentation.

The presentation given by Mrs. Brandi, a representative from the Get 2 College program, informed students and parents about the many different college choices and programs. Parents were given pamphlets and packets with scholarship application information.

Parents were able to ask the representative questions and speak with parents that have already gone through the process of finding financial aid, which made many students and parents feel more comfortable when looking for colleges. Parents and school representatives including Mrs. Lisa McLoughlin, Mrs. Saucier, and Ms. Wilkinson gave tips and tricks on looking for the right college for the right student.  

“College can be a hard topic to tackle, especially when you have no prior experience outside of high school. I have no older siblings to ask questions to, so it’s currently just my parents and me on a not so long path to college. Being able to learn about scholarship opportunities in my area has helped me on my search for a college. I still have very little idea of what I plan to major or minor in in college, but now that I have talked to a representative I feel more assured and confident about my college pursuits.” – Lauren Johnson, current SPCHS junior

College isn’t so far away for many of our students, and having the ability to learn a bit more about college opportunities has shown to boost confidence in our parents and provide a more stable  footing for our students. 

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Story by Macayla Wells