Juniors attend presentation on North America

This past Wednesday, the junior class gathered in the auditorium for a presentation on North America. This is a continuation of the series that students have been attending this year on areas throughout the world. The main country they were learning about was Costa Rica. Mrs. Quintana, originally from Costa Rica, spoke to the students about the history, culture, and geographical conditions surrounding Costa Rica.

Mrs. Quintana started the presentation talking about growing up in the beautiful country. She informed students about the different ways of living in Costa Rica compared to America. She mentioned the different climate, politics, school year, and currency. She brought in many items that she grew up using such as certain types of food, clothing, and money. She ended the presentation with giving all the students Tres Leches cake and Costa Rican candy. Huge thanks to Mrs. Quintana for taking time to educate the juniors about North American culture.

Story by Jamie Stanovich