Juniors create rings to remember their time at St. Patrick

The St. Patrick juniors were excited to finalize their class ring orders during the ordering process on Wednesday, September 29. Herff Jones helped juniors with the ordering process.

The students ordering rings gathered in the cafeteria to meet with a Herff Jones representative. Excited chatter was heard by the other students as the juniors picked stones and colors for their rings. Many students opted for a more traditional, championship style ring.  Some chose more of a refined, minimalistic style.

The processe of ordering is very special as the rings themselves will hold importance in the Junior Ring Mass at the end of the year. The St. Patrick Ring Mass is an event to remember, as it is the rite of passage into senior year.

“The class of 2020 is so excited that we reached this milestone! It feels surreal that we are juniors and that we are so close to graduation. The process of ordering our class rings is pretty fun. We get to choose the type of rings that fit our personality. Once we receive our rings, we are so excited to show it off to one another. We can’t believe that almost a month has passed of us being juniors. We are so ready to make memories, fellowship, and enjoy our junior year,” said Maria Puia Garcia, a 2020 class member.

The Herff Jones representatives are making another appearance at St. Patrick Catholic High School, so there are still more chances to finalize your ring orders.

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Story by Macayla Wells