Juniors participate in workshop in preparation for the PSAT

On Wednesday, September 30, and Thursday, October 1, Dr. Lanny Acosta prepared some of St. Patrick juniors for the upcoming PSAT exam. St. Patrick will administer the exam to all of the juniors and a few sophomores on Wednesday, October 14.

The PSAT, or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, is taken by juniors in preparation for the SAT, which is a prerequisite for some colleges. The PSAT is also used to choose finalists and recipients for the national merit scholarship, which starts at $2500 for chosen Merit Scholars according to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation website. The PSAT measures the skills learned in high school and if they can apply them to college ideas.

Dr. Lanny Acosta visited St. Patrick Wednesday and Thursday to provide additional preparation for students who registered for his review courses. Students attended the sessions in one of the spare classrooms for the entirety of each of the seven class periods on both days. Dr. Acosta has been teaching standardized test preparation in Mississippi for nearly thirty-five years. His courses are a review of what students have formerly learned in high school and skills for completing the PSAT with an above average score. In a short autobiography about himself, Dr. Acosta says that he teaches exam preparation because, “My goal is to help get Mississippi off the bottom of scores nationally.” Dr. Lanny Acosta has an array of study and preparation books for many of the most popular standardized tests built from his years of experience.

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