Kelsey Descher attends Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Junior National Young Leaders Conference is held in Washington, D.C., and is a great opportunity for young students all across the country  to further their leaderships skills. The Envision sponsored program is a six-day long conference that challenges sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to further developed their leaderships skills while having the educational experience of a lifetime. One of the main focuses of the program is influential figures from American history and social advocacy. Students learn to work together and collaborate ideas that could be introduced into to their local communities.

St. Patrick students Kelsey Descher was nominated and accepted into the Envison program. Descher, alongside 300 other students from all over the country, attended this conference in Washington, D.C.  She explained her experience throughout the whole conference stating that the envision leaders broke the 300 students into randomly selected groups to work with throughout the week.  Descher’s group took the name Cleveland and said the highlights of the conference included touring the Smithsonian, national monuments, and Vietnam and Korean War monuments. She said,”All these sites were beautiful and filled with many historical facts, which we learned in depth about and will remember forever.”  Descher said her absolute favorite part of the conference was being able to meet students from all around the country.

St. Patrick is extremely proud of Kelsey Descher for representing our school so well at the Junior National Youth Leaders Conference. She has been invited back by Envision to attend an Alumni conference held in Boston next summer to further advance her leadership skills.

Story by Makayla Pfarrer