Knights of Columbus host “Free Throw Challenge” at St. Patrick

This Tuesday, January 26, Fr. Ryan McCoy alongside the Knights of Columbus, Wiggins Council #11654 held a free throw contest at St. Patrick High School.  The Knights of Columbus attendees were David Russell, Grand Knight, Bill Haas, Michael Buras, Tom Easter, and George Rose.  In addition to the free throw contest, the Knights of Columbus, Council #11654 has also worked with St. Patrick High School with our National Honor Society Induction Mass.  The Knights of Columbus have also sponsored a soccer competition and an essay and poster contest this year.

Students participated in the basketball free thrown contest during their physical education classes and after school.  More than 160 students participated in the free throw contest. This year was the second annual event.

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The winners are:

  • Lexie Lee with 9 out of 15 throws.
  • Gabriela Patino with 10 out of 15 throws
  • Nikki Guild with 8 out of 15 free throws
  • Cara Pisciotta with 9 out of 15 free throws
  • Anna Clare Colson with 12 out of 15 free throws
  • Baylee Hodge with 10 out of 15 free throws
  • James Edwards with 4 out of 12 throws
  • Matthew Ladner with 6 out of 15 throws
  • Ricardo Quintana with 11 out of 15 throws
  • Tucker Santiago with 15 out of 15 throws
  • Logan Young with 13 out of 15 free throws
  • Stephen Clark with 13 out of 15 free throws
  • Matthew Eleuterius with 13 out of 15 throws

The aforementioned students are the local school champions. Students ages nine to fourteen will compete in the regional competition at the St. Alphonsus on March 12. Coach Hewes says, “We’re proud to work with the Knights on this event and greatly appreciate all that they do to help foster Catholic education.”

Story by Cecilia Collins