LEGO League is off to a successful start

This is St. Patrick Catholic High School’s seventh year participating in LEGO League.  Ms. Teresa Moon, science and chemistry teacher, sponsors LEGO League.  “Global Challenge” is the name of the theme for this year, and our LEGO League team consists of ten seventh graders and two eighth graders.  They meet Tuesdays after school until 4:00 with their sponsor, Ms. Moon.

Part of the robotics program, LEGO League introduces students in fourth through eighth grade to the fun and excitement of science and technology.  There are currently more than 25,000 teams in approximately eighty countries, and LEGO League continues to expand each year.

The St. Patrick LEGO League has two teams, each consisting of six members.  At their meeting this past Tuesday, the LEGO League members were in the process of setting up the LEGO pieces for their field kit.  The team is currently building a course in which a robot will run and compete.  The LEGO League members had print outs of step by step directions and tutorials on how to create the obstacle.  At the end, to their surprise, they are revealed to what they created.

LEGO League strives to have energetic, motivated, and organized team members who are up for a challenge but still want to have fun at the same time!  “LEGO League is fun and interesting,” said Diego Riojas.  New member, Jordan Walker, said, “I like to socialize with friends and work with the LEGO’s.  The LEGO League’s regional competition is on Saturday, December 12.  The competition is broken up into four categories: “playing field” competition, presentation, robot design, and teamwork.

Good luck to the LEGO League members this year at their meetings and practices, and of course at their competition!

Story by: Lindsay Holmes; Photo credit: Lindsay Holmes