This page contains the Official Style Guide, logos, colors, and style designs of St. Patrick Catholic High School.  Logos may only be used with written approval from the school administration.  Logos must be used in their original format and may not be changed in ratio or color.

Click on the image below of the logo you wish to use.  The logo will open in a new window.  Then, right click on the image and select “save image as.”

Color codes:

  • Navy = R – 16, G – 37, B – 63; Hex #10253F
  • Emerald = R – 28, G – 87, B – 57; Hex: #1C5739
  • Gold = R – 242, G – 210, B – 135; Hex: #F2D287

Click here to download the St. Patrick Catholic High School Official Style Guide.

Navy Blue Text with SP Logo
White Text with SP Logo
Navy Blue Text with SP Logo and Address
Navy Blue Text Logo
SP Logo
Navy SP Logo for Dark Background
Green SP Logo for Dark Background
Alumni Logo