London luncheon with a touch of class

Students, faculty, and staff were treated to the annual Classic Luncheon on Thursday, September 13, in celebration of Homecoming Week. Students were dressed looking like royalty as St. Patrick also celebrated the traditional Touch of Class Mass. This year, the cafeteria staff and Dr. Buckley prepared a delicious meal of chicken shawarma, completed with pita bread and vegetables, breaking away from the traditional chicken alfredo from years past.

Students raced to get to the front of the line, and the whole cafeteria was filled with laughter and music. London-themed decorations were found all throughout the tables and walls in according with the overall Homecoming theme, “Second Star to the Right.”

Rachel Vivian spoke on why she looks forward to the luncheon, saying, “It’s such a blessing to have a fantastic meal provided by the administration to celebrate our school coming together during Homecoming Week!”

Photos from the luncheon can be viewed here.

Story by Anna Tran