March edition of Aisling now available online

The newest edition of Aisling, St. Patrick’s literary and art magazine, is now available online here!

Aisling Editor Mackenzie Rodrigue said, “The March edition of Aisling holds the theme of spirit. We encouraged our readers to take the opportunity to look at the different aspects of spirit in our lives. The submissions we received this month show spirit it many forms – the Holy Spirit, school spirit, and the spirit of others. We were very impressed with everything we received!”

View artwork, literary works and photography from current students and from students at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Elementary School in Long Beach.

The Aisling Team is seeking new submissions to be included in the final edition of the magazine, which will be a hard copy and available to all students. There is no specific theme, and students are encouraged to send whatever they find interesting and creative. The deadline for all new submissions will be April 23, 2018.

Click the image below to view the current edition!

Aisling March edition