MaryKnoll Essay Contest Due: November 15, 2021


Essay Theme:

Today the world seems full of “bad news” stories that tell of people expressing hatred, violence, discrimination, and other evils demonstrating the worst of humanity.  But there are many people who are making the world a better place.  Write an essay sharing a “good news” story from your own life and explainhow it reflects the “good news” message of Jesus.

500 to 750 words

The students English and theology teachers have the information.

2021 Essay Contest Prizes

The cash prizes for the winning entries in two divisions (grades 6 to 8 and grades 9 to 12):

  • $1,000 for each of the two first-place finalists
  • $300 for each of the two second-place finalists
  • $150 for third place

Deadline:  November 15, 2021  Must be uploaded or postmarked by November 15, 2021.

For more information: