Mass with Father Dominic

This Thursday, October 19, St. Patrick Catholic High School celebrated mass with Father Dominic, the priest from Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  His homily was very eye opening and very interesting because of the way he connected how we should live our lives to the feast day of martyrs Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebeuf.

He talked about their lives and how they gave up so much for Jesus.  They endured torture, risked their lives and finally died for what they believed.  Father Dominic told us to live our lives accepting challenges and growing in faith.  We will end up nowhere by taking the easy road and must let the Holy Spirit in to guide us.

Many parents and relatives came and celebrated mass with us.  It was a very uplifting time, being in the presence of Jesus and growing closer to Him through the Sacrament.

Story by Natallie Noel