Math Department to offer summer workshops

The St. Patrick Catholic High School Math Department will offer three math workshops during the summer. Listed below is the schedule, cost, and description of each course.

July 17 9 a.m. – noon Algebra I Workshop $60
July 18 8-11 a.m. ACT Math $60
July 18 12-3 p.m. Algebra II Refresh $60

Description of above courses:

  • Algebra I Workshop – This course is designed to prepare students entering Algebra 1 as well as review students that have completed Algebra 1. Math concepts that will be used throughout the rest of high school classes will be taught, discussed and practiced throughout this 3 hour workshop. The fundamentals of Algebra are vital for a student’s success in their mathematical career.
  • ACT Math – This workshop will be a slower pace of the material that is normally presented in the ACT Math workshop given here at St. Patrick. Students will be given rules, tips and strategies for performing well on the Math section of the ACT. The ACT covers concepts from Pre-Algebra, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Coordinate and Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. Understand that some students might not have learned all of the material that will be on the ACT, therefore, concepts will be discussed that they might not have seen yet. This will give them a glimpse into the future curriculum they’ll be encountering while preparing them for the ACT test.
  • Algebra II Refresh – This course is meant for students exiting Algebra II that feel a desire to gain confidence in some of the material that is used in higher level math classes, i.e. Algebra 3, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Students will be lead by instruction through rules, processes and thinking that are necessary to have mastered for these higher level classes. Practice work will be given as well.

All students must bring pencils, paper, graphing calculators and energy/enthusiasm.  There will be 2 short breaks (2 minutes) during the 3 hour sessions. The workshop will begin promptly and end promptly as well. Please be sure to be on time.

If you are interested and would like to register please contact Mrs. Susie Tavel at or (228) 239-6414.

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