Mississippi State Junior Duck Stamp Art Competition results

This year, 14 schools from throughout the State of Mississippi participated in the Mississippi State Junior Duck Stamp Art Competition. A total of 208 entries were received this year. For the competition, three first places, three second places and three third places were selected out of four categories from all of the entries received.
For the first year of participation in the program, St. Patrick Catholic High School was well-represented with two of the three first places coming from St. Patrick Catholic High School. Judges for the state competition were selected from a pool of local biologists, waterfowl experts and artists. The following students received awards and/or commendations for their artwork this year:
First Place: 
Nikki Guild
Carly Loftis
Second Place:
Elizabeth Simmons
Jessica Reed
Third Place:
Caroline Rutland
Anna Broadus
Honorable Mentions:
Kirstin Walters
Sydney Thornton
Kaitlyn Cox
Anna Fore
John McKee
Alaina Olsen
Abby Yates
Macayla Walls

Nikki and Carly’s artwork is being judged by a representative from Ducks Unlimited in a mini-contest. Ducks Unlimited will be choosing one painting to use as a limited edition print!