Monday, April 1

Today’s Prayer and Reflection:

I am about to create. (Isaiah 65:17)

For centuries it has been traditional for baptismal fonts to have eight sides. The first seven sides were meant to represent the seven days of creation. The eighth side, however, represented God’s ongoing, unending work of creation, both in the world and in each of his people. When a child is baptized, he or she is baptized into that eighth day—another new creation ready to inherit the kingdom of God!

Isn’t that wonderful? God is never finished creating! He is still making new things every day. He is also at work every day making everything that already exists “new” (Revelation 21:5).

Every day we see God creating in the world around us. Plants are pollinated and multiply; seeds mature into berries; volcanic lava creates new land formations. Every day the world shifts and changes a bit as God continues his active, creative work around us.

Now, just as God is still creating in the natural world, he is also still creating in the spiritual world. Every day he creates new openings for you to receive his love and to experience healing and grace in your relationships. Every day he opens new doors for you to share your faith. Although not as dramatic as volcanic lava, these too are manifestations of the “new creation” that God is forming in us and around us.

We’re just about halfway through Lent. Now is a good time to look back for signs of his creative work. Where do you feel a bit new? Then look forward to the creation yet to come. Where do you see new seeds about to blossom forth? Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, God is infinitely creative. He knows where you need renewal—in your prayer life, in your habits, and in your troubling relationships—and he is working to bring it about.

You may see yourself as a work in progress, but God sees you, as well as everything he creates, and calls it “good” (Genesis 1:31). As Isaiah promised, God has a wonderful future in store for you, one that will bring you joy and amazement (65:18). So welcome the ways that God is making you new right now, and have faith that he’s not finished yet!

“Father, help me to recognize your ongoing, creative work in me.”

Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us, 7115 Guilford Dr #100, Frederick, MD 21704,

Today’s Announcements:

  • Happy Birthday to Isabella Cruthirds!
  • Seniors and juniors – as you know, prom is fast approaching and will be an excellent evening! Tickets are $45 per person and may be purchased from Mrs. Collier or Mrs. Edwards in the front office by tomorrow. Also, prom will be held from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. – all students must arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. and must stay until at least 9:00 p. m. We would love for you to get the most out of this very special and memorable event! If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Tavel.
  • Seniors, graduation announcements have been delivered to the front office. If you ordered, please see Mrs. Collier to pick them up. If you missed the deadline to order also see Mrs. Collier for information.
  • The American Red Cross and Tradition Family YMCA are offering lifeguard classes during Easter Break. If you are 15 years or older and are interested, please pick up a flyer from the front desk.
  • Tickets for the spring musical Sister Act are on sale! Advance sales are $12.50 and tickets at the door are $15. Get your tickets from any cast member or Mrs. Trahan. The show opens on Friday, April 5, at 6:30 p.m. This year’s musical is going to be a sell-out, so get your tickets soon!
  • Class officer applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now available in the front office. Applications are due Monday, April 8, to Mrs. Buckley in room 200. There will be a short campaign rules meeting Monday, April 8, after school in room 200.
  • In last Thursday’s St. Patrick track meet top finishers were:
    • Tristan Marchioni – Discus (1st)
    • Jonathan Galle – Triple Jump (1st), Long Jump (2nd)
    • Jadon Turner – Triple Jump (2nd)
    • Olivia Leatherman – Pole Vault (2nd)
    • Olivia Williams – Pole Vault (4th),
    • James Frazier – Shot Put (4th),
    • Abby Badurak – Long Jump (1st), 100m Hurdles (3rd), 100m dash (2nd)
    • Sarah Alexander – Discus (4th)
    • Ray Frazier – Discus (3rd)
    • Nick Krass – High Jump (2nd), 300m Hurdles (3rd)
    • Makenzie Stenum – High Jump (1st), Triple Jump (2nd)
    • Leila Ransonet – Triple Jump (1st)
    • Quin LaGrone – Pole Vault (1st)
    • Jameson Thriffley – Pole Vault (2nd)
    • Alayna Miller – 100m Hurdles (2nd), 300m Hurdles (3rd)
    • Isabella Leatherman – 1600m (1st)
    • Gabby Patino – 400m (3rd)
    • Mason McCullough – 400m (2nd)
    • Amelie Million – 800m (2nd)
    • Jordan Pete – 3200m (1st)
    • Dominic Patino – 3200m (2nd)
    • Girls Relays: 4x800m (1st), 4x100m (2nd), 4x200m (3rd). Relay team members were: Isabella Leatherman, Amelie Million, Jordan Pete, Gabby Patino, Alexa Tatum, Makenzie Stenum, Abby Badurak, Micah Webb, and Leila Ransonet.
    • Boys Relays: 4x800m (1st). Relay team members were: Dylan Middleton, Cade Myers, Dominic Patino, & Mason McCullough.
  • All tenth and eleventh graders should remain in the cafeteria at the end of their lunch for a short meeting.
  • There will be an FCA Chapter Meeting tomorrow in room 108 at 7:45 a.m.