Most Reverend Bishop Kihneman celebrates Mass at St. Patrick Catholic High School

The Most Reverend Bishop Kihneman joined the student body in celebrating mass on Thursday, October 25, with parents and guests in attendance. His homily focused on the love that God has for his children and how students should radiate that love to their family, friends, and peers around them. He instructed them to say a simple, “I love you, and God loves you,” to teachers and faculty to remind them that they’re appreciated for all that they do and how God recognizes these good acts.

On the Bishop’s homily, Kylie Herron said, “My favorite part was when he spoke on how we should use the love God gives for us in a good way. We tend to get caught up in school and drama and forget to show our appreciation for true friends and family.”

Mr. Creel, chair of the Theology Department, said, “It was great to have Bishop Kihneman here as he is our shepherd and a modern day apostle.”

After mass, Bishop Kihneman spent the day touring classrooms and eating lunch with students, getting a small glimpse and sense of student life at St. Patrick. Classes were called out separately into the auditorium, where Bishop Kihneman spoke about his vocation and his “aha moments” calling him into the priesthood. Father Colten also joined him, and students asked questions ranging from what they enjoy doing on their free time to what sacrifices they had to make when they entered the seminary.

Photos from the mass can be viewed here.

Story by Anna Tran