Mrs. Cloud’s biology classes present research projects

This week, ninth graders have been presenting their findings from a months-long research project, assigned in October. Students used class time to explore ideas and research background information. Following their investigations, they designed an experiment, collected data and analyzed the results. 

Student Dominic Patino shared his findings from constructing a radio transmitter. He explained the process through a demonstration to the class. View a portion of the experiment in the below video!

Students had to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method; address appropriate variables, all components of an experiment, and a control group; analyze data and reflect trends in a graph; reflect on their original hypothesis; and provide suggestions of further studies/applications of their data for coursework. Students will be able to present their findings in the science fair later this year.

Another student, Annalyn Fayard, showcased her findings on the most efficient angles for wind turbine blades to be positioned. She explained the impact this information could have on wind farms.

Photos from the presentation can be found below!